Thorpe Digital Stereoview Standard

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Statement of Purpose

Increasingly, stereo photographers are using digital output media to produce their stereo views.  Oftentimes, this new way of doing things has been used with traditional production methods.  Digital prints most often are four by six inches.  This is sufficient to produce views that function well with the Holmes stereoscope.  If done properly one only has to trim off the top of the digital print and glue it to a standard card.  But gluing the view to a card is an extra step and is unnecessary. An adapter can be made so a standard four by six inch print can be used as soon as you get it back from the photofinisher. This saves both time and effort, making the process of producing stereoviews less of a chore. These specifications have been devised so that equipment manufacturers can design equipment that will accommodate a new standard. In the sections below you will find information telling exactly what the standard is, how to produce stereoviews that conform to the standard, how to make an adapter so you can use the "standard" views with your existing stereoscope, and various support files that will help you to produce the best possible prints.