Prairie Moon 2

A Sculpture by Robert Thorpe

Prairie Moon 2 was a variation on the original Prairie Moon. It's basic design was one of the competing concepts for the first work, but for that purpose it had several difficulties. First, it did not fit into the 2 foot square entry requirement. Also, it was much more complex so constructing it in the three days available before the submission deadline made it unworkable.

The piece is smaller in scale than Prairie Moon 1. It is only 19" tall by 13" at its widest point and all the elements are scaled down proportionately. It is made of quarter-sawn white oak, mahogany, redwood, walnut, pine and maple.

Title Prairie Moon 2
Location Contact Artist, Robert Thorpe 319-362-0761
Price $300.00

If you can cross-view, here is the sculpture in 3D

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