Alphabetic List of Midi Tunes

Latest update 23 Nov 1999

This is an alphebetic list of the tunes in this archive. It is just for reference. Click here to download a zipped file of the tunes.

Ailiú Éanai Clarke - p.22
Auld Lang Syne 1 Visitor submission
Auld Lang Syne 2 Visitor submission
Betsy Baker Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Blackbird 2 O'Neill's #20 - p.35
Blackbird 4 O'Neill's #1793 - p.336
Buachaill ón Éirne Clarke - p.24
Bucks of Oranmore O'Neill's #1199 - p.226
Colonel Frazer O'Neill's #1246 - p.254
Courting Song Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Craig's Reel O'Neill's #1212 - p.229
Dawning of the Day Clarke - p.21
Do You Hear Me My Brown Haired Maiden? Visitor submission
Down by the Green Bushes Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Drowsey Maggie O'Neill's #1425 - p.264
Fairies' Hornpipe O'Neill's #1718 - p.319
Fanny Power Clarke - p.58
Gaol An t-Seoladair Visitor submission
Garrett Barry's Jig Clarke - p.31
Garyowen O'Neill's #971 - p.180
Gyn Ennym (#1) Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Harvest Dance Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Here Comes Tom Dukes A-Riding Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Hunt the Wren Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Jockey to the Fair O'Neill's #1796 - p.336
Johnnie Cope Clarke - p.82
Madame Bonaparte Clarke - p.76
Mary of the Candle Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
Merry Blacksmith Clarke - p.42
O'Carolan's Concerto O'Neill's #633 - p.113
Pipe on the Hob O'Neill's #705 - p.131
Righ Nan Dul Visitor submission
Salamanca Reel O'Neill's #1358 - p.252
Song of the Chanter Clarke - p.25
Sonny's Mazurka Clarke - p.83
Strop the Razor (#3) Clarke - p.50
The King of the Pipers Irish Pipers Club Winter 1996
There Will Be A Fair Tomorrow Clarke - p.22
Three Little Boats went out to Sea Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
White Cockade O'Neill's #1803 - p.338
Will You Come Home With Me? Clarke - p.32

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