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•   Chanter cane (6" to 8", per tube)


•   Drone cane (specify drone, per tube)


•   Brass tubing for staples (3/16" OD x 12")


•   *Brass strips for hand-rolled staples and collars (1"x12"x.020")


•   Waxed Nyltex thread (25 yards, enough for 50 reeds)


•   Dry flax (No. 10 shoe thread, for bridles and joints, 4oz., lifetime supply)


•   Beeswax (1-1/2 oz. cake, lifetime supply)




•   Gouge (#6 sweep, 16mm wide, inside ground for gouging inside of cane)


•   *Gouge (#4 sweep, 14 mm wide, for initial gouging, if 2 gouges are desired)


•   Sharpening stone for gouge


•   Shooting board with ruler (for gouging cane)


•   Dial thickness gauge (very convenient replacement for calipers)


•   Assorted sanding cylinders (1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2" dia.)


•   Retractable utility knife


•   Fine-tooth saw (for cutting cane length)


•   Mandrels for staples (5/32" and 1/8")


•   Reamer for staples


•   Tubing cutter


•   Pliers/flat nose (for shaping staples)


•   Pliers/round nose (for shaping staples)



Complete Reed Making Kit - 5 tubes of chanter cane, 5 sets of 3 tubes drone cane,
2 brass tubes and one each of all of the above except for the asterisked items.



Deluxe Kit - same as above except includes the asterisked items and adds a 1/8” mandrel and two pieces of 5/32” tubing for flat chanters and regulators.




My Method - A step-by-step instruction manual for making and maintaining reeds for the uillean pipes by Tim Britton, revised and expanded ’10 edition.




My Method - Professional quality 90-minute video to go with the book. VCR Tape



All CDs $15

Barefoot on the Alter - Chulrua - audiophile recording featuring Tim Britton, with Paddy O'Brien on accordion and Pat Egan on guitar and vocals.


Down the Back Lane - Chulrua - Second recording featuring Tim Britton, with Paddy O'Brien on accordion and Pat Egan on guitar and vocals, released on Shanachie in Oct. ’03.


Light Through the Leaves - traditional Irish wind instrumentals - anthology including Tim Britton, L.E. McCullough, Al Purcell, Bill Ochs, Mark Roberts, and others.


Song of the Chanter - Tim Britton on pipes, flute, whistle, and vocals; Carol Hunner on guitar and vocals; John Anderson on upright bass; Tony Block on bones and bodhran; and Mark Simos on fiddle and piano.


Pied Piper’s Call - audiophile recording of Tim on pipes, whistle and flute; Mark Simos on guitar, fiddle, piano, Hammond B-3; Albert Alfonso on bodhran.


At Home in the Middle of Nowhere - Sage - audiophile recording of acoustic folk rock original songs featuring vocals, guitars, cello, and Tim on pipes, whistle, and mandolin.


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