Tim Britton's Links Page

Here are some links that may be useful to you:

Pied Piper Productions

The finest values in quality audio products for every budget.

Chiff and Fipple

A great site for Irish whistle, flute and pipes

Uilleann Obsession

For everything Uilleann

Na Píobairí Uilleann

Dublin Pipers' Club

Cumann na bPíobairí

Publishers of American Irish Pipers' Club newsletter, Seattle

Southern California Pipers' Club

San Francisco Pipers' Club

Saint Louis Tionol

Irish music gathering in March/April.

Albert Alfonso Bodhrans

Bodhrans by Albert Alfonso

Copeland Woodwinds

Whistles and flutes by Michael Copeland

James Kelly

One of the most significant Irish fiddlers of all time

Devachan Music

A publishing company owned by Mark Simos, a songwriter, tunesmith, and multi-instrumentalist spanning a wide variety of styles, strongly rooted in traditional music (Celtic, old-time American, bluegrass, etc.).

Fairfield Folk Music and Dance

Folk events in Fairfield, Iowa

Central Missouri Celtic Arts

Ireland's Eye

A general site for Irish history and travel

Tony Kearns Photos

Photos of Irish musicians at Willy Week, Miltown Malbay, County Clare

Maritime Fine Art

My apprentice, Mark Stimson's oil paintings of maritime scenes


Hand verified BagPipes sites here.

Irish Traditional Music Resource Site


Celtic Music site

Bay Area based Celtic music site


Chico, CA based Celtic music site

Traditional Irish Music

San Diego based Irish music site