Digital Stereoview Exchange

The Digital Stereoview Exchange Club (DSEC) is an outgrowth of APEC, the Amateur Photographic Exchange Club. It's purpose is for participants to exchange 4" x 6" digital stereoviews that have been made in accordance with the Thorpe Digital Stereoview Standard. Every 3 months participants submit enough prints so all the participants receive a copy of all the views. These are bound together in a flipbook and mailed back. The flipbook is yours to keep.


If you are interested in participating please send an email to RJ Thorpe,

Prospective Participants

'March 2017

  1. 3D Center
  2. Michael Cosentino
  3. Les Gehman
  4. Jim Harp
  5. Steve & Suzanne Hughes
  6. Donna Matthews
  7. Michael McEachern
  8. Linda Nygren
  9. Robert Pele
  10. Ernie Rairdin
  11. Fred Rhoades
  12. RJ Thorpe

Possible new participants

  1. Cassie Kaufman
  2. Chris Reynolds
  3. David Sweet
  4. Aaron Serwetman
  5. Mary Paul

Temporarily not participating